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Soy, Honey Ginger Salmon

Salmon with a soy, honey & ginger dressing, Asian greens and brown rice

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David Francis
Loved It!

Generous salmon portion (6.5 oz, yes, I weighed it!)
Easy prep. Recommend 2 non-stick pans cooking both ingredients at same time. Veggies OK but salmon was great! Very fresh! Soy, honey and ginger sauce was IMHO wonderful, but you should double the amount. I had to lick my plate!

Merle Kaufman
Not my favorite

Except for the sauce, which is very tasty, I found this to be basically a bland meal. Everything was fresh, but the only vegetables I got were bok choy, which I like very much, and shredded cabbage, which really didn’t add anything. I tried cooking the meal both ways, but in either case, it was just OK. The salmon I got was cut thin, whereas I found the Pesto Salmon, cut thicker, to be much more flavorful. As I said, not my favorite.

Susan Taylor
Tasty salmon

I enjoyed all of this meal from the freshness of salmon to the brown rice and veggies brightened with a delicious sauce. I shall def order this one again.

Laurie Farrell

First time having salmon. Loved it!!

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