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Shrimp & Chorizo Paella

Shrimp & smoky chorizo paella with roasted peppers, peas and aioli

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Merle Kaufman
A Truly Outstanding Dish

Another stellar meal from Georgie and Tom. The flavors are subtle and sophisticated, definitely restaurant quality, and very easy to make. I highly recommend it, and would definitely order it again. As someone eating for one, I find I can easily get at least three very decent sized meals out of almost every G&T dish, including this one. I, too, found a squeeze of lime added just the right touch.

Sharee Greene
The Flavors Stood Out

This was a very high quality and luxurious dish I should start out by saying. I absolutely love the smoky and rich flavor that this had. The shrimp and chorizo were very tasty and added a lot of flavor. The peppers were vibrant and juicy. The only let down on the plate was the rice, the texture does not come out well. Overall the flavor made this exceptional but they have to improve on the quality and the texture of the rice. It would be nice if they including a lime or lemon because the dish needs acid to cut through the richness. I will probably order this again if they took the rice out of it and just added more vegetables because it tastes so good.


Super greasy, very flat and needs acid.

Chris C.

This meal was absolutely delicious! My son and I loved it. I loved how quick and easy it was to prepare and my son loved all the flavors. Highly recommend.


The shrimp were nice and fresh but I didn’t like the rice