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Shrimp & chorizo paella

Shrimp & smoky chorizo paella with edamame, slow roast tomatoes and aioli

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Quick, easy and Delicious

It’s wonderful except there should be a few more shrimp to serve 2 people.. I will definitely get it again and add extra shrimp.

So tasty!

I love the paella and have ordered it twice so far. I just have a bit a problem with the spiciness as my stomach is a bit sensitive. I need to figure a way to tone it down since it’s one of my favorite meals. I also sauté the shrimp (instead of microwave) separately to give them a bit of a crunch. Great medley of flavors.


I dream of the day when I can return to a paella restaurant in NYC. Until then this is a delicious diversion. If I actually let it cook long enough, it would develop the socarrat —crispy, caramelized layer of rice to be scraped from the pan. I usually throw in other veg and protein that’s hanging around. I think the level of spice is perfect! I have reordered this a coupla times.

Good Choice

I liked this meal - more than I did the same meal from a different meal service a few weeks ago. It was flavorful and just spicy enough for me. My husband gave it 3 stars ( too bland) until he added the aioli and that raised it to 4 stars. I am not sure why another review said they had to cook the shrimp more to get them pink - mine were already cooked and nicely pink. I agree that the aioli and lemon added a nice flavor. Next time I will add black pepper but not salt.

Tasty and spicy

This dish is tasty, but might be a little spicy if you have a sensitive stomach. Loved the fresh lemon and aoili sauce on the side. Definitely microwave the shrimp for more than a minute if you want it to turn pink. I did a total of 3 minutes for the shrimp. Still a good meal, quick, tasty and convenient.