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Shiitake mushroom ramen

Shiitake mushroom & miso ramen with tofu, edamame and buckwheat noodles

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Lutz Ehrlich
Another dish in the OMG category

We had a friend over unexpectedly and so stretched two G&T orders out to cover 3. And while this dish is not generous (as others mentioned) it was wonderful! A deep mushroom aroma, very flavorful and we'd definitely will order this again.

Marianne Ahern
Much more filling than you would think!

I put off ordering this for awhile because when I see "ramen" I don't think full, satisfying meal. I was wrong! This is a perfect dinner portion and it's absolutely delicious. The hubby and I are mostly vegetarian and this is a great choice for us. We have had it a few times now and it's part of our regular rotation of Georgie & Tom's vegetarian options. (Wish there were more!)


The ramen was absolutely delicious and nuanced and satisfying. The mushroom broth, fresh veggies and perfectly cooked soba noodles were so much more than I expected. I’ll definitely order this again.

Martha Zoubek
Would like to try, but...

This, like many others, include red chili in the recipe. I can't eat spicy food and would love to see the spiciness rated or better yet, put aside to be added if customer likes it. This small improvement would help me order many of the dishes that are so appealing but not possible for me to order.

Caroline Interrante
Tasty, but serving size is tiny

Very tasty, but really only one serving, not enough food for two people for dinner.