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Shepherd's pie

A rich slow cooked beef Shepherds pie, loaded with 5 types of vegetables & lentils topped with creamy mash potato, vintage cheddar cheese served with haricot vert.

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Brittany MillerHarris
Not my slice of pie...

I am an avid lover of Shepherd's Pie with tons of variations and flavor profiles but this version did not work for me at all. It lacked flavor, the meat was tough (and honestly how can round meat be tough?!), the potatoes felt instant and just wasn't was I was looking for. I ended up throwing it out which is sad because i HATE to waste food and more importantly MONEY!!!

Maureen Helbig Bowman

I wrote another review but missed that the 5 stars went through and unable to get through on “ judge me”
This was a poor meal. Potatoes seemed like instant, meat and “ gravy” tasteless.
We have loved most of our meals. This was not a keeper. Did not finish …
I am not usually a complainer but I love Shepard’s pie, dont get to eat it frequently..

Maureen Helbig Bowman
Didn’t work for me

I love Shepard’s pie. This was not my idea of Shepard’s pie. There was nothing about it appealing to me. Potatoes tasted like instant , meat was tasteless , mushrooms cut to big, and the basic gravy was not tasty, not sure why. See Ed like these was a tomato base.. would not get again.. one of the few meals we weren’t happy with.

Cheryl Carrozza
Better than expected! Will order again.

I was a little hesitant to order due to some reviews, however, we found the shepherds pie to be quite tasty and would order this meal again! I cooked it a little longer than 30 min because I got busy, and it was still moist and delicious!

Debra Brown
A nice light/different version of Shepard's pie

Very different and flavorful. Just do not think Traditional Shepard's Pie and you will really like it.