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Sesame tuna

Sesame coated Yellow fin tuna with a miso ginger marinade served with avocado & fresh vegetable slaw. All dressed with a soy, ginger & sesame dressing.

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Lutz Ehrlich
That dish was an OMG-moment

This dish absolutely was in the top10 best dishes we had from G&T's so far: it was easy to put together, tasted very good... but, wait for it: the taste & smell both lasted wonderfully even after eating it! If you had Korean/Sesame-Oil dishes you will know what I'm saying.. a good Sesame Oil just lingers on your taste buds, the flavors "stay with you" even after eating. It was wonderful (My wife is very picky when it comes to Korean groceries, and she said admiringly "... they must have used a very good Sesame Oil brand..."). Well done Team G&T!

WOW! No portion control here!

Beautiful and plentiful amount of fish. Super easy to prepare. Light and satisfying with a chilled crisp bubbly. FANTASTIC! For a heartier meal, pair up with some rice or grains. Other than that, a light lunch alternative, protein packed and beautiful.

Joyce Buerkle
Tuna great

Love the tuna salad seems dry and not enough. Needs more greens or rice etc

Fresh Fish, SMALL portion

I loved how easy it was to make this. The fish was SUPER fresh, and tasted amazing. However, the "slaw salad" is nothing to write home about and leaves you still hungry. There should be another side added to this meal like a rice/farro/ some type of grain to bulk it up.

Jennifer Arena
Absolutely Delicious!

So worth every penny - It is even better than the restaurant I usually order from. Their's has officially taken a back seat. Easy to prepare and delicious right down to the last sesame seed! This one is going into my regular meal rotation. Highly recommend!