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Sesame Tuna

Sesame coated Yellow fin tuna with a miso ginger marinade served with avocado & fresh vegetable slaw. All dressed with a soy, ginger & sesame dressing.

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Just one thing

Everything was great except for the avocado. I know it’s hard to judge how fast they will ripen and then be rotten, but Boy of boy, we got a rock hard one. I bought another at the store to complete the dish which was delish!!

Fredric Sneider
The Best Meal We’ve Had from G&T

The Tuna was exceptional. The Miso and Sesame Seeds made this dish fabulous. I seared it over medium heat to rare, which came out perfect. The accompanying salad was perfect and I had a little steamed Jasmine Rice with it. A perfect meal.

John N.
Very Good But...

Excellent tuna and overall a great meal. Could have used a little less dressing and more marinade. While I did get an avocado it was anemic.

David Francis
Very Pleasant Surprise!

Invited a friend to try my first G&T meal. I was fumbling around trying to access the online cooking instructions but prep was easy and everything fell into place. The Sesame Tuna was excellent, the vegetable slaw crunchy and delicious and the avocado was perfectly ripe. We were both impressed and I look forward to my next meal from G&T.

Judith Carmany
Only Okay

Didn’t, really enjoy this meal as we found the tuna to be pretty tasteless. Also I would have liked a starch. I had to cook some rice!