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Salmon salsa verde

Salmon with seasonal greens, vine ripened cherry tomatoes and lemon salsa verde

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Jami Coco

This is my very first meal from G&T's. I was pleasantly surprised! The salmon was excellent, veggies were super fresh and the Salsa Verde was fabulous! It was actually more like a pesto, but It was bright and flavorful. I agree with most reviews on the "microwave" part. What I did was microwave just a few second to soften up the veggies and then sautéed in a bit of EVOO to finish off. I think air frying would also be a great alternative cooking method as well. When I received my meals, everything was mostly defrosted but still very cold. I do hesitate freezing the proteins/seafood after already thawed. I thought this was a real no-no??? Any thoughts on this?

Roxanne T
Didn't care for salsa verde

I really don't like mustard at all so I ended up tossing the salsa verde. Overall I'm not a fan of adding mustard into dishes like salsa verde or pesto to give them a bump. That's a very personal choice, though.

Maureen Helbig Bowman
Not a favorite

Found the meal nice, vegetables we put into a quick par boil. Sauce was pleasant but not as tasty as many other dishes.. won’t be a regular.

Heather K
Best Salsa Verde

I have been holding off on trying the salmon dishes and finally ordered this and I loved it! The veggies were so fresh, the Norwegian salmon was juicy and delicious. I sautéed the veg in the pan as the salmon was searing and tossed the veg in the salsa at the end to help melt the oil. Such a simple meal, but so full of flavor.

Best meal on the menu

This is my absolute favorite that G&T has to offer. The salmon is always fresh, the salsa verde is so flavorful, and the greens they pair with it are always great. I could do without the zucchini, and maybe add more broccolini, asparagus, and vine tomatoes, but not a big deal for me. I usually just throw the zucchini out. Sometimes I'll add some Farro or quinoa to it to bulk it up even more, but is not necessary since the portion size is great.