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Salmon salsa verde

Salmon with seasonal greens, vine ripen cherry tomatoes and lemon salsa verde

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Heather K
Best Salsa Verde

I have been holding off on trying the salmon dishes and finally ordered this and I loved it! The veggies were so fresh, the Norwegian salmon was juicy and delicious. I sautéed the veg in the pan as the salmon was searing and tossed the veg in the salsa at the end to help melt the oil. Such a simple meal, but so full of flavor.

Best meal on the menu

This is my absolute favorite that G&T has to offer. The salmon is always fresh, the salsa verde is so flavorful, and the greens they pair with it are always great. I could do without the zucchini, and maybe add more broccolini, asparagus, and vine tomatoes, but not a big deal for me. I usually just throw the zucchini out. Sometimes I'll add some Farro or quinoa to it to bulk it up even more, but is not necessary since the portion size is great.


Ingredients were fresh and very flavorful!

Lutz & Kim
Lovely dish, the "tart" salsa verde sause is wonderful!

This is another easy-to-make dish that takes <10min and the salsa verde is lovely. Just the right amount for two people.
[As I said in another review: DO NOT microwave your veggies on high for 4min as G&T keeps instruction everyone to do. They wilt away and become awful tastelesss. Just pan-fry them prior to frying your Salmon (veggies ~4-5 min with olive oil), then take them out and add the Salmon. Problem solved. Why G&T keeps suggesting the microwave-route is beyond me. But since they have no email, no phone number, no contact whatsoever, it's a black-hole of customer feedback :-]
Aside form this generic microwave-issue, this dish is another winner!

Sandrine Y.
Healthy and tasty

Super simple to prepare, flavorful, great quality products, it was a family hit.