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Roast Squash & Sage Butter Pappardelle

Roasted butternut squash & sage butter pappardelle with garlic thyme mushrooms, wilted collard greens & toasted hazelnuts. Finished with freshly grated pecorino & a squeeze of lemon.

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Wife loves, just ok for me.

Portion size was great and super easy to make, the wife gobbled this dish down and loved it. My personal impression was that the squash overpowered all the other flavors with a sweetness explosion but over all it was a good vegetarian dish. I served this with an added baked chicken breast on the side to give me some protein.

Great flavors

Great flavors, lots of veggies and easy to make. We made it in a pan which allowed us to "steam" the noodles a bit with a little bit of water and the lid on for a few mins and then followed the directions accordingly. A drizzle of nice olive oil on the finished dish is a very nice touch.

Gail Griffiths
Very good

The meal was very satisfying. Only thing I would appreciate is that the noodles be cooked a little softer.

The flavor of squash, mushrooms and noodles was great.

Really loved this. I left out the collard greens as neither of us like them or kale...enough with both of these, I always throw both out.

Do not order

Awful. Opened package and was surprised to see the overcooked dried out ( and too chewy to eat) mushrooms. Once cooked, the collard greens overwhelmed the sage and thyme flavor. Squash was unseasoned and tasteless. Pasta leather like. So disappointing. Inedible.