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Red Thai Chicken

Fragrant Red Thai chicken and coconut curry, Jasmine rice and mixed peppers

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Suzanne Bruetsch
Red Curry- Yum!

Loved it! And for those who don't care to cook things, its pretty much one of those 'add heat' meals.

Now, I LOVE Indian and Thai food, so this is right in my wheel house, but I have to say the portion size is NOT for two, unless it is for two not hungry people. When you get Indian or Thai take out, this is the exact same container size as a single portion- that costs roughly 10$ less. My recommendation would be to find a larger container for these already made Indian/Thai sauce based dishes (with more sauce), or put slightly less in them and send 2 containers.

Please, Please, Please stop adding the (seemingly) 'filler' ingredients to add volume, like the endless bell peppers that I just throw away. Plus, when you throw raw bell peppers on top of the lovely jasmine rice, even with the paper between them- it creates a funny tasting, not so nice, rice. (Oh, and send the Masala's with Jasmine rice as well! The Jasmine rice is LOVELY, when not soured by the seemingly endless raw bell peppers.)

A household favorite!

We love this meal. Excellent quality and flavor. We enjoy how G&T add a significant amount of veggies to their meals.

Ok but not great

The quality of ingredients was good but the combination of flavors created a conflict that totally detracted from the curry and resulted in a rather boring meal. Again, not awful but not something I would order again

Mithuna Sivaraman

I’ve loved my G&T meals … until this one. There is a weird spice/flavoring (it’s not lemongrass - I love lemongrass - it’s something else …) in the curry that I can’t quite identify or place, but it makes the curry taste awful. I had to throw it all out - so much money down the drain. 😞

Erica Liebman
Amazing thai food with lemongrass flavor

As usual, great quality chicken, excellent curry sauce with gorgeous lemongrass flavor and sliced peppers are so great - perfect way to get extra vegetables and match the dish really well. Can't wait to order again and again!