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Pork Bao buns

Slow cooked shredded pork in a sticky Chinese 5 spice, ginger, soy dressing in soft bao buns finished with pickled vegetables, cucumber, peanuts & cilantro

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Cheryl Carrozza
Love them!

Pork buns were my first meal choice due to reviews. We loved them! My husband heated them up using the microwave and I was worried the buns would get rubbery. They were delicious and I’m not a microwave user! Definitely will order these again soon!

Belinda Hodren

3/4 of us agree, this was yummy. This was our first meal with Georgie and Tom's. I was so excited and the meal did not disappoint.

Jennifer Guire
Really good

So these are awesome. If you’re looking for something sweet for dinner this can’t be beat. The pork tasted like candy and comes together in no time at all. It’s amazing. Truly. Also 4 Bao buns per person which was perfect. Husband was beyond impressed. This company can’t be beat.

Theresa Sandifer
Next Time I Might Not Share

These were amazing. I loved the flavors, the cucumbers added a nice crunch and the 8 buns were just right for everything to get used completely. I will order these again and maybe feed my husband something else so I can feast twice!

Stephen Lit
good stuff

Pork buns are very tasty, easy to assemble, and quick prep time.