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Pesto roasted salmon

Pesto salmon with Mediterranean roasted vegetables served with arugula & our signature shallot, sultana & red wine vinegar dressing

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Laura McKowen

This was our first meal with you all and we couldn't believe how delicious it was. I seasoned the fish with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. The veggies were so fresh. Dressing was perfect. Thank you!

Jeryl Cook
Good recipe.. remember to season the fish

Not sure why that was left out , but you must season fish.(salt and pepper..maybe garlic powder too if u like it).

Tasty and healthy.πŸ‘

Shelley Poggio
It’s a feel good meal

Enjoyed the dish-simple, fresh, clean healthy ingredients. Pesto had good flavor that enhanced the salmon. Portions are just enough to satisfy without overeating.

John Labarge
Simple, delicious

This is a simple salmon dish with pesto and seasoned vegetables that tasted great. Simple preparation too. I felt the salmon was a good cut.

Julie Y
The only meal we didn't like from Georgie & Tom's!

We haven't had any bad meal from Georgie and Tom's until today! This is the only meal from the company we didn't like. The salmon has no flavor (guess it's better than tasting fishy?) and I ended up throwing away mine. Will avoid ordering salmon dishes from Georgie and Tom's in the future.