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Paneer & Chickpea Masala

Paneer, chickpeas and spinach in a rich and fragrant masala sauce served with pilau rice and roasted red onions & peppers.

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Unlike those below, I found this dish full of flavor! It was also quite filling. Would order again!

Lutz Ehrlich
Bland and needs seasoning

As Mithuna wrote below, we tend to agree: the dish was just too bland.
We found the Paneer was just cut up and added to the curry. Like Korean/Asian Tofu (forgive me to compare Paneer with Tofu! : ) that actually needs pan-frying in spices to give it some texture and taste instaed of eating it cut-up, we feel the Paneer needed some prep. And there was so much Paneer! It appeared half the dish consisted of Paneer. As a filler perhaps?
The rice was also to bland.
Not our favorite dish... So Sorry!

Mithuna Sivaraman
Bland and not flavorful

Between this and the red curry (which I have reviewed separately), this week’s box was a huge disappointment. The paneer is raw, with zero tikka-style sear, and the curry has zero kick. That’s a HUGE no-no for south Asian food. I don’t understand the point of the soggy roasted veggies, and the rice does not taste like a proper pulao (who on earth puts celery in pulao?!?). If you’re looking for something that actually scratches the paneer tikka masala itch, you’re better off ordering from your favorite Indian takeout joint.

Barbara Smith
Delicious and filling

This is a great addition to G&T’s menu. Flavorful (and not too spicy), quick and easy, good portions. The directions could be a little clearer as to the roasted vegetables, but we figured it out and everything was hot and ready at the same time. We enjoyed the dinner, and would order again.


Food looks amazing can’t afford tobuy