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Mac n’ greens

Classic cheesy macaroni cheese loaded with broccoli, cauliflower, haricot vert and kale

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Julie Hawkes
One of our favorites!

We really love this one for our meatless Mondays! So good! Cheesey goodness! Crispy fresh veggies. I come home from work, pop it in the oven and YUM! Plenty for two adults. Love this one!

Erin Blaisure
Salt the pasta!!

This really would have been a great dish, except for a big amateur mistake. All true cooks/chefs know to salt the water the pasta is cooked in. Otherwise, it will be bland and disappointing, and no matter how much salt you put on it after the fact, it just won’t taste right. The cheese sauce was, also, bland, but, the veggies saved it. I won’t be ordering this again.

Cara Von Hahn
Very, Very, Very Good!

Mac N Cheese is a beloved dish and there are many variations. My favourtie that I hold any Mac N Cheese to was the one I use to get at Artisanal on Park Ave South and THIS Mac is a close second!
It is delicious and love the veggies and baby kale and pepitas.
And of course a little hot sauce never hurts.

Belinda Hodren

I was hesitant to try this but so happy I finally did. The combination was unexpected, but quite tasty.

loved the Mac n Greens!

It was very tasty and loved the being able to use the wood container into the microwave.