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Rich beef and pork ragu lasagna topped with a luxurious cheese sauce with a cheddar cheese and parsley breadcrumb topping.

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Lisa Sangster
Beautiful Rendition

Tasty, Satisfying! The reviews had my expectations on the lower side. That ended after the first bite. I really enjoyed it and didn’t miss anything from another lasagna I’ve had. I appreciate it not being greasy. For best result, you have to let it sit for at least 10 minutes, per the instructions. Promise it’s worth the wait. **I cooked it in the wooden container that I sat into a same shaped ceramic dish.

Kristine Perry
Lasagna with a twist.

Lasagna was very good. A different twist without the mozzarella cheese, which I would have preferred. But it was good. Would have liked more tomato sauce too. I baked it in a Pyrex dish.

Tom H
Great Lasagna

We really like this lasagna. It’s got a lot of meat, nice texture to the noodles, and quite adequate portion. We cooked it in a Breville convection oven, 410 for 38 min. Let sit for about 5 min that seems about perfect.

Great Flavor-Mushy Noodles

Our fourth G&T meal was not as stellar as the others. I make homemade lasagne with bechamel sauce as well and thought G&T's flavors were really nice in this dish except that I would prefer mozzarella or parmesan over cheddar cheese. The noodles were not as thin or plentiful as I would have liked. I think that there were only two pasta sheets which were thick and mushy. The mouthfeel wasn't the best experience. The tray and parchment paper burnt in the oven. I should have removed the lasagne and heated it up in a baking dish. Won't be ordering this version, again.

Just OK but tasty

We expected a traditional lasagna. This one was different and tasty but just OK. It saved me a lot of work making a home made version. But where were the noodles?