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Lamb kofta & Persian rice

Lamb & carrot kofta with spiced fruited Persian rice, arugula and tahini yogurt dressing

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Brittany MillerHarris

I really enjoyed this dish. I was worried that the flavor would be bland and the spices wouldn't quite come together but I was pleasantly surprised and really thought the dish was done well. I would certainly order this again.

Chen Zhao
Good version of the dish

This is one of our favorites. Full flavor and satisfying. One thing I appreciate about the Georgie & Toms meals is how filling the meal feels despite the portions being controlled. It’s a testament to the dishes being flavorful.

Anne Agee
Very nice mix of flavors

I really like the mix of different flavors and textures. Plus it is very easy to prepare. One of my favorites that I order frequently.

Nithya Krishnan
Good flavors

A very filling meal, flavors were on point.
The rice was very dry to the point that they did not cook according to the instructions. I suggest you cook the rice fully and cut down the microwave time ...I had to sprinkle 1/4 cup of water on it and cook it without the koftas for a further 4 mins to get it right .

Susan Mack
Lamb kofka

This is my first meal from G and T and it was fabulous. Generous portion - I got 3 meals from it - and very fresh and flavorful, spice level was just right. I am very tempted to order it again for next week, but think I need to sample a few more from the menu collection.