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Lamb Kofta & Persian Rice

Lamb & carrot kofta with spiced fruited Persian rice, mixed salad leaf and tahini yogurt dressing

If you have received an order prior to the 10th of March, you will have received our old recipe. For more information and cooking instructions, please follow this link.

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Merle Kaufman
Excellent in every way

I hadn’t been that interested in this meal on its face, but after reading through the reviews, I decided to give it a try, and I was beyond happy that I did. Everything about the meal was wonderful. It was nice to have lamb for a change, and the spices, as well as the flavor from the small bits of surprises in the rice, like dates, apricots, and chickpeas, were a tasty delight. The portion size was very generous. I easily had three meals from this dish. I love the pickled relish that comes with some of the meals. The tahini was delicious by itself, but I didn’t yet want to add it to the rice, which already had so many delicious flavors in it. Maybe next time. I would definitely order this again. There is so much to recommend it. It’s one of the best of the very good GT meals, so far.

Chris C.
Easy & Tasty!

Was this ever needed for our busy life schedule!
Heat and eat! Wonderful!!

Gail Bedi

The kebabs and the rice had just the right amount of spice. Very very tasty. We enjoyed the pickle and the tahini.

Jeanne Curnuck
Lamb kofta and Persian rice

Just pop in the microwave and it's done! Great for a busy night! The flavor was spot on! I did think it was a little spicy but the pickled veggies and tahini helped to cool that done. I don't do much spices anymore! Lamb was so yummy!

Margaret Knapp
Spicy but tasty

Flavor really grows on you making you want to go back for more. Wasn’t expecting the spice but it was nice