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Crispy Parmesan sage turkey

Crispy sage & onion turkey breast with haricot vert, cranberries & toasted almonds with herb potatoes and lemon aioli

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Tasty and filling

Simple to heat. I crisp the veggies in pan. Good overall but needs more veggies

Lutz Ehrlich
Great crispy Turkey (but DON'T microwave the veggies)

HI There
another great dish, loved the crispy turkey and ayoli mayonnaise.
However, this is another G&T's dish where the instructions say "add a bit of water to veg and microwave on high"... DON'T!
They turn mushy and uneadable bland. We had that unfortunate experience with another dish... so we pan fried the veggies real quick before adding the Turkey and all was very well.
G&T team, if you read this (why is there NO way to contact you, btw? Allow folks to contact you, why don't you?), please for the love of god, stop telling people to microwave veggies on high with a splash of water... please please pretty please don't.
Cheers, keep cockin'
Lutz & Kim

Debra Javins

The turkey was tender, crisp and delicious. Potatoes and green beans quite good, and the aioli was a very good compliment to the dish as a whole. Will certainly order this again.

Marianne Ahern
Holy Moly! This was delicious!

We don't eat poultry very frequently but this dish will be an exception! Never thought of using breadcrumbs with parm as a coating for turkey. Absolutely genius!

Krista Hayward
So good!

This was very easy and super tasty. Even my finicky kid liked it!