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Crispy Parmesan sage turkey

Crispy sage & onion turkey breast with haricot vert, cranberries & toasted almonds with herb potatoes and lemon aioli

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Judi Hays
Sage & Savory

This was delicious and very easy to prepare! I am gluten-free so I swapped out the provided breading with a GF version.

Nice combination

Excellent combination of vegetables and meat. Fresh, quick and delicious. Bright with the lemon and cranberries. Sure to order again. We cook the meals on second and third day of delivery, and refrigerate within a half hour of delivery.

Hericot vert green beans

Green beans were terrible. It was day four after delivery and they were moldy. I had put the turkey and other protein in the freezer right after receiving the shipment and the potatoes seemed to be okay. Will not be ordering green beans again.

Turkey great, veggies bad!

The turkey cutlet was quite tasty and easy to cook. The breading came out very crispy. Although it was only day3 since delivery, my green beans and potatoes were disgusting and moldy/ rotting! Seriously can we have some quality control on the veggies? This is not the first time I have had issues!

Nadia Bernstein
Generous portions

Love, love, how quickly this came together. Delicious- the crumb crust, the cranberry/almond mix and the very garlicky aioli provided interesting flavors. The turkey needed more cooking time - not a problem, just cooked it til it was done to our liking. However the beans & arugula were quite plain and dry even with squeezes of lemon. If we order this again I’d make a little vinaigrette for the greens.