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Crispy Coconut Mango Chicken

Crispy coconut crusted chicken with sweet pickled mango, fresh Malaysian herb slaw dressed in a lime & coconut dressing.

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YUM YUM an upgrade from delicious cook unity! Like a fresh 5 star restaurant patio lunch

When I tell you this is an upgrade from already gourmet and delicious cook unity it is. Tasted like a summer gourmet restaurant patio delicacy never have I ate this good in my life. The coconut crust on the chicken burnt to a crisp the heat was reccomended so high. I had to go for seconds yummmmyy!! It did have to be prepared myself slightly so that was slightly annoying but the fresh flavors make up for it, could honestly have used some more mint and cilantro because those pops of flavor were so good! I’m gonna miss this subscription because I’m worried with the new omicron variant and the kitchen being in New York City.

marc hummel
My new favorite

So many good flavors mixed into one dish.

Really wanted to like this...

I usually love anything with coconut. There's barely any flavor/ seasoning in the breading that you coat the chicken in. The mango sauce could pass for a Dole fruit cup in syrup. The dressing for the salad is bland and the salad itself was just not good. All of it is very sweet and needs some kind of spice to balance it out.

Krista Hayward
Soooooo good!

This was delicious! I did make a little modification. I chopped the chicken into nuggets, coated in beaten egg then the coconut breading and cooked it in my air fryer at 350 for 10 minutes. Tossed the pickled mango in the slaw, topped with chicken and drizzled with dressing. It was amazing!

Alan Paxton
A Great Dish

A superb medley of ingredients, flavors and tastes.