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Creamy lemon chicken

Crispy parmesan crusted chicken with a creamy lemon sauce served with herbed new potatoes & seasonal greens

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Lemon Chicken

Lots of flavor and simple to prepare.

Christie B.
Tasty and Quick

This was a very easy and tasty meal. Not as flavorful as others I’ve had but enjoyed it. The chicken took longer than 4 min per side and the veggies took 6 minutes to get cooked but tender crisp. I enjoyed the simplicity of this meal.

Joyce Cini
Creamy Lemon Chicken

Wonderful dish! Tasty and so easy to prepare. After browning the chicken, I removed it to a plate, added a little more oil, then tossed in all the vegetables with a little seasoning. When they were almost ready, I put the chicken back to finish for a few minutes. Everything came out great! We will order this dinner again.

Worked in an Air fryer, too

This was such a tasty dish. Really simple, amazing lemon sauce. and easy to cook. I did the whole dish in an air fryer since I don't like to fry in my small apartment and it came out perfect. The chicken didn't even need to be dredged for the crumbs to stay on.
I wish they gave air fryer instructions with all meals.

Todd Van Gunten
Restaurant Quality

This dish was so easy and delicious....I did use a egg wash before dredging in the crumbs, it helped the crumbs really stick better. They should sell the sauce would be amazing on fish. :)
I wish we could add a picture of our dishes.