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Creamy lemon chicken

Crispy parmesan crusted chicken with a creamy lemon sauce served with herbed new potatoes & seasonal greens

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Roxanne T
The sauce is amazing

As others have said, the lemon sauce is fantastic; it's tasty like something you would enjoy in a restaurant once and never be able to have it again because you don't know how it's made, yet here you are, having it in your own house. Will order again.

Debra Javins

This dish is delicious. The lemon cream sauce is such a compliment to the chicken and vegetables. I wanted to drink it! I will definitely order this meal again.

Sandy Derr
Excellent tasty meal

This is my second meal from Georgie and Tom’s. I’m very pleased with this service. I’m apparently a light eater as I’m able to make three meals from their kits.

Parmesan Crusted Chicken - add flour and egg

This is a great new addition to the menu and with a few small tweaks is a real winner. Dredging the chicken in flour and egg before the crumbs is a must to get the propped crust and keep the crumb stuck to the meat. Make sure to sauté or steam the vegetables rather than microwaving them to keep they tasting their best. Also a squeeze of fresh lemon helps to brighten up the dish even further. Again a really nice addition and will be order it again for sure.

Lisa C.
Foodie review

Hey there. This was a delicious and simple dish. Ingredients fresh, in eco-friendly packaging (thank you!), and very flavorful. The lemon sauce is light, perfectly balanced brightness with the creaminess. We will be ordering this again!