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Coconut chicken laksa

Malaysian coconut chicken laksa with butternut squash, bok choy & rice noodles

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Colleen OBrien

Easy prep. Love the heat.

Kevin Montgomery
You Control The Salt...

This recipe is constructed well and very simple to prepare. As usual, all the ingredients seemed in top form and - thankfully - the broth contained only a hint of sweetness; area restaurants seem to over-sweeten their curries, so this was a nice surprise. Though the chicken was cooked and marinated well, we believe the instructions should have called for salting the meat cubes before adding them to the broth.

Alison Fenney
Nice Flavor - quick prep!

Enjoyed the flavors and as usual prep was a breeze. Even though it was one of the first meals I ate after delivery the vegetables were a little worse for wear.

Veggies bad before use by date

The flavors are great. However, the use by date was the 17th and I made this on the 16th…the bamboo and butternut squash were both slimy And the bok choy had turned brown along with having two big chunks of the root base. Every meal has been so light on vegetables and then to have most of them bad is very disappointing.

Chen Zhao

Really really good. I’d give this 4.5 stars. This is a very good version of laksa, which is restaurant quality, and better than some I’ve had. The only reason it does not get a 5 is simply because there are some other dishes here that I like a tad more or have some unique aspect of the flavor profile. Still - a very good rendition of the dish, and one I’d order again on occasion.