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Chicken & Mushroom

Chicken & Shiitake mushrooms with a creamy mushroom sauce and seasonal greens

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Grace K.

I was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t think I would like this. Normally I find chicken breast tough and unappetizing. But the sauce was delicious and made the dish. I loved that this dish came with lots of green vegetables too. Everything was super fresh.

Not as good as others, but still yummy

Everything was fresh and tasted good but it wasn’t as flavorful as others. It is very ‘green’. Maybe add some carrots or sweet potatoes :)

So good!

We have gotten this meal multiple times and it is always always delicious. The sauce is rich and complex in flavor. I love that the mushrooms are in the dish in two ways (freshly sautéed by me and in the prepared sauce). This dish has made me realize I love leeks! Who knew?! Please don’t change a thing.

Christopher Scaminaci
Favorite Georgie & Tom's Meal

This is definitely a favorite meal in our household from Georgie & Tom's! The sauce is simple but incredibly delicious. It is a tad on the salty side but I just skip salting the chicken when I cook and it balances out. The fresh shiitake that go into the sauté add a nice touch. A nice variety of greens to go with this as well. We order this every other week.

Not so hot.

A day before the ‘use by’ date, the green beans were brown, broccolini was yellowing, and tough pea pods had not been stringed. Sauce wa okay, but a little on the salty side. We enjoy so many of Georgie & Toms’ dishes, but when they are not outstanding, they are pretty disappointing.