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Chicken Lemongrass Broth

Lemongrass and ginger roasted chicken thigh in a Thai chicken and miso broth with rice noodles, edamame, bok choy and shredded carrot. Finished with fresh herbs and a squeeze of lime.

If you have received an order prior to the 10th of July, you will have received our old recipe. For more information and cooking instructions, please follow this link.

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Delicious! if only...

This dish is absolutely delicious! However, it needs more broth. As far as taste goes, it's one of our favs. Please consider adding more broth.

Nicole Peniston
Good but…

It looked beautiful when cooking but the chicken could have been a little better quality and there’s no where near enough broth for 2 servings. But it was easy to prepare and had good flavor.

Better each time we've had it

This recipe seems to get refined and become just a bit better each time we've ordered it. Probably 6+ times so far, and this week's was absolutely the best. The chicken is extremely high quality (I usually don't love thighs) and the broth plus veggies and noodles are close to perfect. It is not too salty (I do not add salt, just pepper). I do chop the bok choi and mint/cilantro, and cut the chick after the first caramelizing with a wooden spatula. Brilliant dish.

Pretty good dish.

The portion size was OK, plenty of Veg but could use more Chicken IMO. The flavor was good but I like spicy so threw in some jalapeño pepper to give it a Pho like kick. I would order this again.

So scrumptious. One of my favs.

The broth is so delicious. I love the bok choy. The veggies are great. Could use more broth. Separate the veggies with paper if we need to separate them, hard to pick out carrots and edamame from the noodles.