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Chicken Caesar

Pan seared chicken breasts with a romaine and kale salad dressed in our homemade Caesar dressing, sour dough croutons and a side of rosemary & garlic homestyle potatoes

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Debbie Gallant
Lovely salad

This was a perfectly lovely salad. There is enough protein from the chicken, but not too much. I thought the balance of Romaine lettuce to kale was good: probably three times as much Romaine as kale, so good ratio. I massaged the kale a bit before I added it to the salad so that it wasn’t so tough. The potatoes were a flavorful addition. I cooked the chicken in the air fryer on the fish setting and they came out cooked but not dry. And then I cooked potatoes in the air fryer as well. They came out nice and crispy. I didn’t eat the croutons because I don’t like croutons, so my husband got all of them. He was happy. The dressing was flavorful and fully coated all of the ingredients. I agree with the other reviewer who suggested shaved Parmesan, not the ground up Parmesan that came with the package. Even shredded Parmesan would be better than the granular pieces. We will definitely order this again. And will probably add tomatoes to get even more veggies.


First of all, get rid of the kale - was very tough and definitely took away from the dish. Thankfully we have a garden full of romaine which fixed the issue. Second, the croutons were tasteless - needed to have some kick to them. Will probably not order this again unless the kale disappears!!

tracie debisschop
more romaine please

I would prefer more romaine please. mine was mostly kale which is good but equal amounts of romaine would balance it. it would be nice if side dishes were offered. also larger portions if desired. small med and large. I have no issues with increased price for larger portions.

Ronnit Bendavid-Val
One of my faves!

Really great salad, has both a warm portion and a cool portion, it can be eaten overall either warm or cool. I've ordered this multiple times.

Nancy Robinson

Tasty “easy to put on the table” meal with plenty of crunch. The dressing was nice. I suggest replacing the ground Parmesan with shaved (as pictured).