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Californian fish tacos

Cod fillet with our signature mango salsa, yoghurt and lightly pickled vegetables all served on soft corn tacos

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Made these the day after we received our box and the fish was chewy and fairly flavorless, even with the seasoning. The protein portion is a little on the small side as others have noted, I definitely would have liked more mango salsa and pickled veggies. Additionally, a small side for the tacos would be appreciated. Probably wouldn't order this meal again.

Amazing quality, but hardly any protein

Love this company and the quality is EXACTLY what I've been searching for. The recipes are easy to cook up. CONS: Every meal for two including this one is barely enough protein for one adult. We have to keep on getting extra meals like a roll of sushi to be full :/ Wish they would have an extra protein option because without being full after eating, it takes away the point of ordering from them. Also, website functionality to skip a week is not optimal.

Todd Van Gunten

This was easy to prepare and tasted amazing.....only problem was the soft shells fell apart easily.

Marie-Christine N.
Delicious but small portions

This is one of our favorites but unfortunately there is not enough fish for two people. We always have to buy extra fish, which is annoying.

Maureen Helbig Bowman
Great filling

I had these once before and must have done something better this time because fish was great as well as choice of of condiments. I did not like the consistency of this taco, I wonder if there is a reason to use these corn tortillas, they did say when heated they can crack, which does not happen when I eat flour tortilla. They actually fell apart so the taco experience wasn’t there. The filling was great…