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Californian Fish Tacos

Ready to oven bake Mahi mahi fillets in Mexican spiced breadcrumbs, with chive mayo & shredded cabbage in soft corn & flour blend tortillas. Finished with homemade pickled veggies & mango.

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Very Nice meal, Tasty and Light

I was pleased to get a couple of tips from other reviewers: added spices to the fish, a bit of salsa with the mango and avocado. The halibut cooked up beautifully. We enjoyed the corn tortillas warmed. The cabbage and pickled veg created a tangy bite. Overall it’s a light and very tasty meal.

Is lacking for me

The Mahi is firm and holds up nicely for a taco but the flavor is bland and there just isn’t enough complexity to the dish to make it satisfying. Maybe I don’t know what a California taco is, but I expect tomato salsa and maybe some cheese and avocado. Won’t reorder

California Fish Tacos

This is the second time I ordered this dish. I agree with the other reviewers that it's missing something. I liked the old kit with the mango salsa which gave it extra depth in flavors. I added a squeeze of lime and hot sauce. Next time, I'll slice up an avocado. The change from cod to mahi mahi made it more substantial, but either fish works for this meal.

Claudia C.
Reliably good

We get this almost every week. I love the oven-cooked method for the mahi, instead of frying. I agree with previous reviewers that it needs a little something else to be complete. I usually get black beans to go with it. I do also miss the mango salsa.

Debbie Gallant
Still a lovely meal

This is the third time we have eaten the fish taco dinner, though the first time since the recipe was changed. I like the new cabbage in replacement of the lettuce. I miss the mango salsa though the jalapeño cilantro sauce was very yummy. We added an avocado and lime juice ourselves to enhance the recipe. Overall a tasty, nutritious, and filling dinner.