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Beef Stroganoff

Beef slow cooked in an indulgent cream & brandy sauce with notes of Dijon mustard and smoked paprika. Served with roasted garlic and thyme mushrooms, kale, and quinoa rice

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Where's the Beef?

We have loved most of the meals, but this one was our least favorite of all. There was very little meat and some of it was chewy, the sauce was nicely flavored but thin and almost watery, kale is of course very healthy but did not seem to fit as part of the stroganoff genre. We basically ate some of the rice and mushrooms.

Ellen R
substitute kale with spinach

The flavors of the sauce and meat were good. However, we are not lovers of kale and picked it all out. We think it would be better with spinach as the greens. In general we would prefer spinach over kale in this and in your other recipes where kale is used.

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This is personal preference, but like others, I thought the kale was an odd addition. The rice was good though and there was plenty of the sauce. I personally did not enjoy the beef but this was my first time having stroganoff so clearly not for me but that’s not the dish’s fault.

Super yummy

This dish has great flavor . I love it with rice and kale! Very easy to make. Perfect!

recipe needs updating

The recipe mentions quinoa when actually rice is used instead. You'll need to correct this, because I think the cooking instructions are for quinoa, not rice. The rice comes out hard and unappealing. I'd prefer noodles but if that's not an option then maybe go back to quinoa since the rice doesn't work.