Beef in red wine with root vegetable mash image

Beef in red wine with root vegetable mash

A rich beef in red wine stew with carrots, kale and a root vegetable mash

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Really tasty!

This is a favorite in our house. We’ve ordered it many times. Extremely flavorful meal even microwaved. The root vegetable accompaniment is excellent! I would love some noodles added to this dish.

So good 😊

I microwaved the meal and it was terrific. Perfect stew meat. Love the sauce and the sides.

Not My Favorite

The meat was a bit chewy, but could’ve been the preparation. The wine was no reduced enough so it was quite the punch when eating, but the root vegetable mash was DELICIOUS!! If you start adding sides as add on options I would order the mash every time (:

Simply Truly Delicious ✅ Bravo 👏🏼

I am so happy that I ordered this Beef in Red Wine sauce ! I didn’t get a chance to eat if for about 4 days. I had it in my refrigerator and popped it in the microwave. Wow. It tastes like a great restaurant meal! Definitely will order again several times !

Great but....

The dish is tasty, steak was not dry due to heating it over the stove I think it would rubbery if it was heated in the microwave. Portion size is on the smaller size for two person meal. For a 110 pound petite Asian, i wasn’t full after eating so I had to supplement and add more to my meal to be full. After the meal.... I had to use the bathroom right away as the food did not sit with me well and made my stomach rumble pretty bad and had to use the restroom. This was the first meal, I will try other meals and gauge of this is just a one time fluke with bathroom issues/stomach problem. (As I was scrolling up, the meal outline did said allergens: milk, so am lactose intolerant, explains the problem now with stomach issues) so my fault for not reading the breakdown of the ingredients. It was tasty though so it was worth the bathroom trip.