Beef in red wine with root vegetable mash image

Beef in red wine with root vegetable mash

A rich beef in red wine stew with carrots, kale and a root vegetable mash

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Debra Brown
Pretty Good Comfort Food

Pretty Good Comfort Food. Flavorful.

Chen Zhao
Pretty good

This is a pretty good rendition of the dish, and one that I would re-order from time to time. I would probably give this 3.5 stars.

Linzee Whilden
I wanted to love this but I only liked it.

This dish had such great reviews and looks amazing, I just wanted to love it. But I didn't :(. To be completely honest - it looks nothing like it does in the picture which is a surprise because most of the meals look EXACLTY like the picture. The veggies we doused in the sauce, not resting on top. And the sauce and meet were this red color, not the beautiful brown you see. The sauce itself was a little bland and tasted a bit like canned soup. Just not my cup of tea... But you can't win them all!

Barbara Galesi
Root, root, root !

I thoroughly enjoyed this “root mash” rendition of beef stew. Expect to reorder again and again !

Jennifer M.
Excellent taste, but too small of portion size

This is still one of my top three dishes from Georgie & Toms taste-wise. Phenomenal flavor! That said, the portion size is much too small. And it seems like it has gotten smaller since I first joined. Definitely does not seem like a complete meal. Recently, I have had to supplement with a large baguette. At least give us more vegetables or root mash. Most of the other meals I've ordered from here fill me up, but not this one, I'm left wanting more.