Beef in red wine with root vegetable mash image

Beef in red wine with root vegetable mash

A rich beef in red wine stew with carrots, kale and a root vegetable mash

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Janet Ross
Not Happy!

I cannot review since my very first order was never delivered! And trying to get in touch with them is futile….tried e-mailing twice and got the old Mailer-Deamon! No phone numbers to reach them,so I am not happy!

Kathy Christian
Warm winter meal

Comfort food at its finest!

Autumn Bayles
Very tasty

We really liked this dish which got shipped to us in an automatic selection that we forgot to update, so got us to try something different. Beef was tender and in a tasty sauce, and the root veggie mash was a great base. Veggies on top gave it a healthy flair, We both loved it and said we would order again, this time intentionally!!

Cheryl Carrozza
Not a favorite

This wasn’t a dish I would order again. It was okay. The root mash was delicious! I topped it with a little locatelli cheese which was delightful! The cons were not enough meat, instead there were tons of onions (which I enjoy but would have rather more beef.) I agree with others, portion was small for two hungry adults. I’m excited to taste more dishes!

Tammy Panagos
Love this!

Absolutely delicious! I have already ordered this meal again. Great presentation and great flavor.