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Beef chili

Slow-cooked beef & black bean chili with brown rice, homemade cornbread muffins, tomato & corn salsa garnished with cheese & fresh lime

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Just Right

Both my husband and myself enjoyed this dish. Not only was it very easy to prepare, all of the elements were “just right “
The trickiest one to nail ,imho, is how spicy it is in order to satisfy most people. Georgie & Tom’s got it .
While I’m not a fan of rice, the brown rice included worked perfectly, balancing the heat & adding a tad more substance. Both of us liked the baby cornbread muffins included as well; they were more flavorful than the cornbread we usually get from the local BBQ takeout.

Jean Leatherman
Redefined our Football Game Chili Fix

Had this last weekend while watching football on a chilly evening. It was very satisfying and filling. Hubby loved the cornbread muffin (and he's not a fan of cornbread) - for me, it wasn't "cornbread" enough - and I love cornbread, so he got them both. But that's really a tiny complaint. It's on repeat order for us. What a fresh, flavorful take on an old standby.

Delicious and easy no stove prep!

Microwave only prep was easy but delicious. I air fried the small cornbread muffin. Despite not looking like a ton of rice, there is a lot of chili and this was very filling. Definitely don’t skip spritzing lime over the dish at the end; it really brightens up the whole dish without needing to add more salt!

Edit to update: after trying more dishes, this remains my favourite!

Fix the cornbread

The chili was quick & satisfying, but I was expecting more cornbread flavor from the muffin. There's none.
It's still a fine meal without the cornbread so I'll definitely order again, but I'll have to get my cornbread fix elsewhere.

Patricia Sawczuk
Delicious take on an old classic!

My husband was looking forward this as he is more of a Chili eater than I am. We both loved it! The corn, tomatoes, black beans, rice, and generous chunks of beef made for a hearty and flavorful dish. Very well balanced. The biggest surprise was the corn muffin! Soft and delicious, it was the perfect accompaniment! Perfect!