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Basil Mascarpone Chicken Casarecce

Lemon & garlic roasted chicken in a creamy mascarpone & pesto sauce served on a bed of casarecce pasta. Topped with Parmesan and pesto

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Great dish, very filling..

We loved the dish. I did not follow directions though. I dumped the noodle, chicken mix in a skillet and warmed it up there, added about a 3oz milk and an ounce of heavy cream and let simmer breaking up the chicken chunks as it cooked. It will be thick...
You could turn the heat up to brown it if you want but have to keep an eye on it so it won't burn.
Added in some cayenne, black pepper and crushed red pepper with a dash of salt. Fried up the the Broccoli rabe in a separate pan then added it to the mix and served with pesto drizzled on the top and topped with the Parmesan divided in bowls. Feasibly, this could serve 4 if you serve it with a slice of Garlic bread and a side salad for each person. IMO

Marvia Andrews
So delicious!

This dish was easy to prepare, and so delicious!!
Will definitely get this again 🥰

Thelma Appel
Basil Mascarpone Chicken Caseracce

This dish was very tasty but totally unlike the pictured image. The instructions referred to panfrying Broccoli rabe but the package had only a few isolated broccoli leaves in the bottom. The picture showed crispy chicken pieces on top of the pasta with broccoli rabe on the side.
Instead, the cooked chicken was mixed in the pasta. No broccoli rabe.This particular dish was disappointingly mis- represented.

Lisa Worsley

Just tried this tonight. It was very good. The size of the chicken pieces were just right. Will get again!