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Balsamic Chicken

Roasted balsamic glazed chicken tenders on a bed of Mediterranean vegetables served with mixed salad leaves and parmesan.

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Lisa Worsley
Not for me

This dish was ok. I think if you added rice with it, and made the chicken pieces bigger, it might be better.

Jennifer McGrew
Disappointing new recipe

We used to love this recipe - now it’s an awful mess of sugary syrup glaze in a pot with overcooked chicken that you microwave. Very disappointed that this transitioned from fresh chicken breast that we prepare stovetop to another microwave meal that I could have purchased from Trader Joe’s.

Disappointing New Recipe

My husband and I had ordered the previous recipe numerous times so it our failure to notice the "New Recipe" flag. We loved the old dish and were sorely disappointed with the new recipe. First, we are not fans of using the microwave especially for protein items. The fact the recipe moved from fresh chicken breasts prepared on the stove to microwaved chicken tenders was a disappointment. Second, the chicken sits in the balsamic glaze vs being added while the chicken cooks. The new recipe leaves the chicken overcooked, laden in sauce, and unappealing. Wishing for the old, original recipe to reappear.

New Recipe But Not an Improvement

I was my mistake for not carefully reading the description of the “New Recipe,” but even so, it takes a careful reading of not only the ingredients, but also the preparation instructions, to realize that this is now a totally different dish. No longer fresh chicken that you cook yourself and add balsamic glaze as an accent, but already cooked chicken in more of a “balsamic sauce” that you re-warm in the microwave. Nor will your meal resemble the picture of the item on the website. It is not beautiful torpedo-shaped chicken tenders as pictured, but craggy chicken strips. (I wish there had been a way to attach a picture.) Maybe G&T gets requests for more ready-to-eat meals that just need microwaving. But I’m hard pressed to describe how this meal differs from the numerous frozen or refrigerator meals available at the supermarket that you would reheat.

Debra M Gitner
Excellent meal

Very tasty with a great assortment of vegetables. Ample portions and very easy to prepare.