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Spanish Cod & Chorizo

Cod in a smoky tomato sauce with chorizo, chickpeas & seasonal greens

If you have received an order prior to the 5th of May, you will have received our old recipe. For more information and cooking instructions, please follow this link.

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Chris C.
Well… it’s good.

But certainly not like the photo! Taste is delicious and portions are good but the tomatoes were just grape tomatoes within the red sauce not separate like in photo. Cod fish was perfect.


We really enjoyed this meal, it’s only our second dinner, we just started our subscription. A combination of ingredients that I would have never thought to put together, but they worked so well. The only improvement that I think you could make is to ship two pieces of cod that are similar in size, so they both cook for the same length of time. One piece was skinny and long while the other was thicker and square. Otherwise, it was a perfect meal!!

Melissa Muth
Great combination of textures and flavors

Hearty but not heavy, flavorful, and nutritious!

Mary Murphy
Never caramelized!

I just cooked this meal and it was delicious. However, the chorizo never caramelized. I cooked it with the cod as directed and it remained in cubed form. So I then put the cubes into the smokey sauce and cooked for another 5 min. It remained firm cubes. What did I do wrong???
It was very good but I feel it would have been even better if I could have caramelized the chorizo. I fell the directions were in error.

Steven Littleton
Outta this world…!!!

This is a dish I would expect to see on the menu at Le Bernardin and I would order it too. The only difference between G&T’s version and Chef Ripert’s would be the price, his being probably twice as much! As light, flaky and flavorful as the cod itself is, the caramelized chorizo adds a bold and unexpected bit of bite to the dish. The smokey and spicy tomato and chickpea sauce compliments both proteins and the fresh vegetables that are included. I added thin, diagonally cut carrots to the veggie medley and it was a perfect addition. This meal is both light AND hearty…absolutely delicious!!