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Smoky 3 Bean Chili

A rich black, pinto & cannellini bean chili with cilantro lime cauliflower rice served with yogurt

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Great flavor, but…

it is a really skimpy portion. Nice amount of heat and smoke from the chili, and I enjoyed the cauliflower rice and yogurt. But no way is this a satisfying meal, there isn’t enough of either component.

To Each his/her Own

I sometimes serve chili over rice, this is the first time trying cauliflower rice. Sour cream would make a nice compliment. The lime brings out the chili and the cumin. We had it for lunch.

Not Edible

I was looking forward to a tasty vegetarian chili. They are so easy to make, but a bit time consuming so ordering one from here seemed like a great option. Unfortunately, this is nothing like any chili I have ever eaten. It wasn't even edible. A waste of $29. It had to be thrown out. If you want a mouth full of cauliflower rice with a bit of chili, you might like it. They should have skipped the cauliflower rice all together and just made a good, hearty veg chili.

Skeptical but suprised

Today, I received my first box. When I saw the size of the chili, I thought this must be a joke. Nevertheless, I figured I would try it. The chili has great flavor and is nice and smoky. We have never had riced cauliflower and that was tasty too. I added some crispy wonton strips to top off my chili. I do not feel stuffed (probably a good thing) but I am definitely satisfied. My husband said it had good flavor and he is brutally honest person. So this was a win for us.

Linda Muir
Three beans

Don’t bother ordering this make your own chili and what’s the cauliflower rice all about I’ll give this not even a half a star