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Shrimp tacos

Shrimps sauteed in smoky chili spices with homemade tomato & red pepper salsa, yogurt, avocado & slaw all served on soft corn tacos

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Halley Wolowiec
Light and tasty

This is my first meal with G&T; and my first meal prep kit ever! I enjoyed the tacos. Everything was fresh, even the avocado was perfectly ripe. Maybe it’s because I live down the street from where the meals are made but, yes, all of it was fresh. And the directions were clear and easy.

A few recos: the corn tortillas fall apart. Flour tortillas would probably be better for strength. Tip: I found that microwaving them helped a little in keeping them together (putting them on the stove and warming them in the oven dry them out so they crumble easier. The microwave retains their moisture).
And a personal preference: I wish the shrimp had been deveined.
I loved the spice, the cilantro-cabbage, the yoghurt, and the fresh avocado. It made for a healthy, light, tasty and spicy meal. This NYC Texan was happy and satisfied! Thanks, y’all!

Mary Gauker
Almost great

This meal is easy to prepare and quite tasty. But the tortillas fell apart in our hands and we had a mess everywhere. Hardier tortillas would make this a 5 star dish.

Stephen Lit
fun food Tasty, quick and fun

fun food Tasty, quick and fun

Adriana Bokel
Love the taste of everything just wish it was flour tortilla instead...

Great taste and combination. I will use less seasoning next time but it was very delicious. Love that it was yogurt to make the dish a bit lighter.

Anna Velazco
Alas, this was a no for me 🙁

Didn’t care for the combination of flavors. Rather than yogurt I’d have preferred a cilantro or lime crema. Smoky seasoning on the shrimp also didn’t work for me.