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Shrimp curry

Shrimps in an Indian spiced tomato & pepper curry sauce served with pilau rice and our signature cilantro & coconut chutney.

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Lisa Sangster
No complaints

Good dish. Enough heat and shrimp. Rice tasty.
Seasoning the shrimp before you add it in makes a difference.

Dana Khan
Super spicey, easy prep

The ingredients were great and it was easy to prepare. Anyone liking super spicey will like this dish but if you are looking for a nice curry flavor, all of the other spices bury the curry. That is the reason for my rating. I would have really liked it if the curry were the top note to the flavors.

An explosion of flavors and spices

Delicious curry with shrimp mustard seed & red peppers. Not too spicy. Rice has so much flavor from coriander seeds, cumin, garam masala, cloves, it could be a meal on its own. Green chutney is bursting with fresh mint cilantro & coconut

Curry not my thing

Fine ingredients, excellent separated rice as opposed to sticky, quick and easy. I am trying out most of the G&T dishes, was curious, and found I am not a curry person. P.S. Could live my entire life without cilantro (8% of the population intolerant of it) so please use Italian Flat Leaf Parsley much more often (natural hint of lemon).

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Lin Fields
Lovely dish -- but...

it could have had a bit more curry taste. The shrimp came defrosted and while there were quite a few, they could have been a little larger - they got lost in the sauce. The instructions said to refreeze the shrimp -- I am always leery of refreezing food that had been frozen so I did not do that.

On the whole it was a good dish -- not a showstopper.