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Peri Peri chicken

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Peri Peri marinated chicken breast served with fresh Peri Peri salsa, salt & pepper homestyle potatoes & sweetcorn slaw

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Very Spicy - proceed with caution

I don't like much heat in my food. A touch is ok, but not where it numbs my senses. My husband, on the other hand, does, but when he walked in from work and I was finishing the dish he said his eyes were watering and he started sneezing. I stayed away from the dish. He liked it, but not more than other offerings. That said, super easy to prepare, he said it was tasty, and definitely portioned for two people. I prepared a lunch box for him for the next day. I served a dollop of greek yogurt on the side, and he liked the cooling contrast. Nothing wrong with the dish if you like spice. I agree with the comment that the flavor profile is "one note" overtaken by the potency of the sauce. If you enjoy spicy-forward meals, definitely a must try!

Stacey Pierce

Easy to make, great flavors.

john j waszewski
chicken pery pery too hot hot

to hot hot

Joshua Waldman
Easy and tasty

We didn't find this too spicy, unlike some of the other comments. It was flavorful and easy to make. Would definitely order again.

Robert S.
Too much

The concept is great, but didn’t like the combination of flavors. Something is off. Overall it was too spicy and not interesting for me.