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Peri Peri chicken

Ready to pan-fry spicy peri peri chicken, served on red pepper and sweetcorn rice. Finished with fresh salsa and coleslaw

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Barbara Smith
Very good, not an "A+"

Very flavorful, very easy. The rice seemed a bit gummy. I sprinkled a little water so it might steam and separate the grains, but that only helped a little. It was tasty nonetheless. Used half spice pack and that was just right for my spouse (and put a little more on my portion, as another reviewer suggested).

Spicy but full of flavor

Quick meal, spicy but excellent quality.

LeDice Murphy

This was a delicious meal. I used half of the Peri Peri seasoning to make sure the spice level was not above my husband's tolerance. I forgot I could use more on my portion. I will do that next time. I added onion powder and garlic powder to the rice based on comments from others that the rice was bland. I can't say that the additional seasonings were needed. I will have this again. I halved some cherry tomatoes and placed them with the slaw - this was excellent and there was enough mayonnaise to top them with. Love your portion sizes. For once when it says feeds two it actually does. I am used to having to add more because after I dish up my husband's share there is usuallly not enough for me. Thank you Georgie & Tom, keep it coming.

Not my fave

The chicken was good the spice mixture was tasty but I found the rice very dry and the salsa to thick and not flavorful.

Heather E Markson
Peri peri chicken

Did not care for it. Chicken was too dry and cooking time for broccoli wasn't enough. 2 best meals so far were shrimp pad thai and sesame tuna.