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Mushroom risotto

A rich creamy cremini mushroom risotto served with arugula & our homemade Italian dressing

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Finally...Real Risotto!

My first 5 star review! This risotto has genuine "risotto bite", I'm not sure how they did it but they did. Rich flavor, lots of mushroom goodness, I ordered this by mistake haha but will re-order. I added a little salt and some sauteed asparagus and it was all really good. I too, like others thought the arugula "garnish" was a salad and therefore a skimpy salad, but it *wasn't* a salad, see their photo, but a garnish. I think it would have been better to include a salad sized portion to counter the starch of the rice. Misleading however is the shaved cheese in the photo that is not provided in the dish and either the photo or the cheese needs to be corrected. Please don't show something that's untrue in the photo. To the person who complained that the dish was a miss but didn't include the butter or the cheese...hello? And to the person who said it was undercooked, 1) the final degree of cooking is up to you and 2) what makes risotto "risotto" is a) that bite you describe as undercooked and b) arborio rice. YUM!

Didn’t work

Missing the creamy, rich texture of good risotto, mushrooms overwhelmed dish. Also would have liked a more substantial salad to accompany meal, tiny amount of arugula was ridiculous.


Delicious flavors and so easy to heat up

Not a favorite

I love risotto and mushrooms, but this was a rare miss. I appreciated the quick prep - and I omitted the butter/cheese - but the large chunks of mushroom and garlic/leeks were a bit much. The arugula was a nice side though, along with its dressing which I really liked.

Paula D
Very tasty

Great flavors. So easy to prepare. Took off 1 star because the risotto seemed a little under cooked