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Mushroom risotto

A rich creamy cremini mushroom risotto served with arugula & our homemade Italian dressing

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One of my favorites

We love the richness and taste of this risotto. Can be eaten on it's own or as a side dish. Lots of mushrooms.

Dennis Oblack
If you like mushrooms and you like risotto, you'll love this!

Wonderful flavor and texture!

Another solid dish

I know the commitment that goes into preparing risotto and was hesitant about a prepared version but this got really close to perfect texture. I did add a little more water than recipe, but came out creamy with just enough firmness. The mushrooms were a little overbearing due to the very generous portion of them. Definitely needs a little more salad to balance it. Would love to see other veggie versions. While we like the dressing, would also be nice to see some salad variety.

Tasty but misleading photo and salad is an afterthought

The risotto is really good, and there is some bite to the rice which is generally hard/impossible to achieve in pre-prepped food. The instructions seem to suggest that the arugula is a salad (serve arugula dressed in the Italian Dressing) but the photo shows a small amount of arugula on top of the risotto along with shaved parmesan cheese and extra mushrooms neither of which is provided. Perhaps more importantly I think G&T seems to treat salads as an afterthought. They claim the "Italian" dressing is homemade. No it isn't. It looks and tastes like an aftermarket 3d party dressing that is italian because it has some oregano in it. It's also too sweet. Why can't you put some thought and love into salads. Add some pine nuts or pistachios, some bits of tasty cheese or apple, or dried cranberries? SOMETHING besides a bag of greens and a bag of bad dressing. This is a pattern here. Raise the bar. Put some love into it. :)

Karla C
You have to like mushroom to like this!

As the name suggests, it is a mushroom risotto so you have to be a fan to like this dish. Also anyone who has ever cooked risotto knows just how finicky and time consuming it is. To have a restaurant quality dish like this ready in less than 10 minutes was *chef's kiss*! Do not skip any of the ingredients and follow the instructions properly and you won't be disappointed. This was so creamy, mushroom-y and the arugula was just perfect with it.

The only thing people should know is it does not look like the photo. No shaved cheese or extra mushroom toppings... it's just brown risotto with arugula on the top.