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Mushroom risotto

Cremini, shiitake & porcini mushroom risotto with kale, toasted hazelnuts & arugula

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Donna Lomuscio
Too Salty

I really wanted to love this but it was just to salty and unappetizing looking to like. Won’t be ordering this again.

Lutz Ehrlich
Superb Mushroom taste & aroma, wonderful, but a bit too "sticky"

Hi there, this was overall a great dish that tasted better and better as you kept eating.
It was a bit too sticky as some others pointed out, we added a bit of broth and that seemed to make things better
Presentation was a bit odd, the arugula salad as a side was too little, it was basically a big portion of Risotto with a tiny bit of green on the side. As if it was an afterthought. Honestly we would have preferred a more balanced offering: 1/2 Risotto and a bit more robust Salad (tomatoes, greens, etc).
But overall: worth it's money and tasted great.

Good not great

The risotto was a bit to stodgy and heavy. I actually couldn’t finish it. I also had to add much more water than the directions called for. It would be great if they could lighten it up a bit and the nuts didn’t add anything

James Perakis
Too salty!

960 mg of sodium is too much.

Andrew Allen
A Delightful Dish

Perfectly rich and flavorful -