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Lamb tagine

Slow cooked lamb & apricot tagine served with jewelled couscous, yogurt, toasted almonds & lemon

If you have received an order prior to the 29th of January you will have received our old recipe. For more information and cooking instructions, please follow this link.

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Adam Ger

To start there was suppose to be apricots included in this meal to mix in the lamb tagine. There were none!!! Secondly the mint and parsley were wilted. Thirdly where's the lamb?! There were like 5 tiny tiny cubes. And the tomatoes were bruised. Defined not a show stopper meal. I guess the couscous was about the only good thing here and even this was not a generous portion for 2 people.

Truly Delicious!

Very easy to make and absolutely delicious! The only issue is that it could use a little more lamb, but everything can always use a little more lamb. The flavors were wonderfully balanced. We were greatly impressed with this dish!

Excellent - highly recommend

We loved this one, and thought there was a sufficient amount of lamb, and a good mix of apricots and spices. Everything else in the meal was also excellent, we really liked the combination of flavors. Will order this one again. It's a bit different from typical American food but that is a good thing, thanks for offering it.

Ssandy G
Unique flavors

This dish was yummy and unique. I was shocked that all of those flavors would work together but they did. The lamb was tende, juicy & delicious. One of the things I like most about these dinners is that it gets me out of my Box of same old dishes that I always serve. I'm trying things I never thought I would and I'm pleasantly surprising myself each time.

Lamb is scarce

There was more apricot than lamb in this. It really diminished what could have been good flavors.