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Indian spiced vegetable biryani

Fragrantly spiced biryani with cumin roasted vegetables, toasted nuts, lemon and yoghurt

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Lutz Ehrlich
Its a very nice dish with good spices...but...

...but I agree with CVH that it would best be paired with another dish or accommodation. We happened to have a Vegetarian friend over who complimented this dish ("A good biryani is hard to make..") so we combined it with another G&T dish to accommodate 3 people.. and that was a winner.
All by itself, not sure this would have done it for me, as if it's missing something (like Garlic Naan etc).

Excellent! Don't forget to Pair it with the Chicken Tikka Masala Option.....

Excellent! We double order this with the Chicken Tikka and purchase Garlic Naan (smother it with some Ghee) and
Rice pudding for dessert. Indian Night at our house is delicious.

Better than I thought

We had hesitated ordering this with some of the reviews but pleasantly surprised.
Flavor was pleasing and portion very filling. We will order again.

Nothing seemed appealing

First time I am not giving a rave review. This meal, lacked flavor and was not easy to eat.
I followed directions and have never had a disappointing meal, but it was not good.
My husband eats everything, happily, and he didn’t finish his. Sorry I have to write a negative review.
I would enjoy a few more vegetarian choices.

Very good

A good dish and will probably order again but there is some something, a seed of some kind, that when you bite down on can be a bit unpleasant. Once you learn to avoid them the dish is pretty good.