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Eggplant, chickpea & spinach curry

Indian Eggplant, chickpea, tomato & spinach curry served with pilau rice and our homemade cilantro & coconut chutney

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Barbara Smith
Didn't love this

I wanted to love this, and expected to, and was happy in advance to have a flavorful plant-based dinner available, but it didn't measure up. Flavors were good, but the eggplant dice wasn't cooked, and didn't cook/soften by heating up in the microwave. The majority of the pieces were tough. Nothing beats a good silky eggplant dish (think Ottolenghi's roasted eggplant recipes). This wasn't it.

Maureen Helbig Bowman
Our favorite

Flavor is very smooth and eggplant is perfectly prepared. My husband loves this meal.. I am not a big stew fan but I like this, and it is the flavor and ease of prep..

Eggplant too hard and flavors not meld

I’m the outlier but guess I just don’t like eggplant prepared this way. I usually have eggplant roasted and not in chunks like this :-/ I didn’t love the flavors either — some spice is a little too strong. I didn’t find the chutney was needed either and added a strange contradicting flavor that didn’t work in my opinion. I haven’t found I like any of the Indian style dishes but the good news is there are plenty of great other choices!


This is one of our favorites. I fry up some naan as an accompaniment. Hubs loves chickpeas, and loves this dish, even though he is a meat lover :-D. Balance of flavors is nice. Rice was fluffy and a great side. I added a smidge of red pepper flakes for a bit of a kick. It is mild.


This dish was very tasty. Our first time trying something like this. Well balanced flavors, just a touch of heat and delicious. Good size portions.