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Cod, chorizo & chickpea

Cod in a smoky tomato sauce with chorizo, chickpeas & seasonal greens

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Lynne Warshaw
Delicious but not exactly as described

We really enjoyed this meal, but I could not give it 5 stars because the photo and cooking instructions were a bit misleading. The photo shows cherry tomatoes on the vine atop the cod, with the sauce and SLICES of chorizo under it. The chorizo I received was in small dice, not slices, and there were no cherry tomatoes. Instructions said to top the fish with the smoky tomato sauce (which was a tomato-based sauce with red and yellow peppers and chickpeas) so the finished product looked little like the photo. I also sautéed the green beans and kale as another poster suggested and they were great. All-in-all, the meal was delicious and I will definitely reorder.

Fine but fish a little waterlogged

This won’t be a repeat dish for me. I cooked things a bit differently — I sautéed the green beans and kale to add flavor instead of steaming them — but the flavors never really came together. I squeezed out as much water as I could from the cod but it was still tough to get it good a sear. I had to add a lot of extra salt and seasoning.

Kill the kale

Love this dish, but not a fan of kale, spinach or any leafy green vegetables. More green beans, no kale would have elevated this dish ( and every dish that kale mix shows up in). In a perfect world, we’d be able to select a vegetable preference, and more variety in terms of veggies would be great— brussels, broccoli, zucchini???

Angela Cacciola

Nice balance of flavor not a fan of the kale. It was very easy to cook nicely packed definitely enough for two.

Pati B
Super tasty!

This was the first meal from my first delivery, and… I’m impressed! A fresh and healthy meal packed with lots of flavor with the perfect amount of “kick!”