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Cod, chorizo & chickpea

Cod in a smoky tomato sauce with chorizo, chickpeas & seasonal greens

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Not for me

I really had a hard time eating the Cod, consistency was soupy. Also , chorizo with it was an odd taste. I would not order this again. I always have to add this food service is, by far, the best I have had and I have tried a lot. Most of the time we are thrilled that we found it.

Brenda Cox
Tomatoey and Scrumptious

I really enjoyed this flavorful dish. It took only minutes to prepare. The cod was fresh -yum- and I sautéed the fresh green beans and kale instead of microwaving. I love the rich tomatoey sauce , with chickpeas and the sautéed chorizo perfectly seasoned the sauce and cod. I served with crusty garlic bread- yum yum.

Full of flavor

Would do again


I had just gotten back from Basque country in Spain, and I am a tried and true Puerto Rican mom. The fish portion was perfect, and the sauce was delicious. BUT, I think a bit oregano-heavy which made it more Italian forward/spaghetti sauce flavor. Maybe because I was captivated by the Basque sauce which also has piquillo or roasted peppers cooked into the sauce. I actually make Vizcaina sauce and I think G&T can come up with a Basque-like version very easily. That said, making everything from scratch is time-consuming so having the G&T dish for preparing quick meals when I am pressed for time is a luscious and restaurant-quality back up at a very reasonable price. I would suggest, however to make sure you season the fish before giving it the quick pan fry. Garlic powder in addition to the salt and pepper works well with the sauce! Fast, easy, elegant and DELICIOUS

Harry Rigler
Delicious but

The dish was delicious and would order again but the greens were very old , yellow to to exact , so we took them out and used our own .