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Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken breast in a crispy Parmesan herb crumb served with marinara sauce, haricot vert & broccoli

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Barry Vogel

Excellent!!! Will order it over and over. Sauce was spectacular. I don't understand the need for a bit of broccoli and some string beans...WHY????

Tinika Montgomery
Absolutely Amazing

Great flavor! Just perfect as it is. Well done!

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As authentic as it gets!

I’m Italian and normally wouldn’t have ordered a meal like this from a food service. I missed my window to customize and when I saw chicken parmigiana, I thought, hmmm oh well a meal that will just be ok. Hardly. Wow! The sauce was as authentic as it gets. The meal was flavorful and comforting. Another delicious meal!!

Chris T.
Tasty, but missing pasta :)

I had a bit of bow tie pasta left over that I boiled up, and placed in a casserole dish with a bit of leftover tomato sauce I had. Breaded and sauteed the chix in some EVOO, then placed it on top of the pasta, covered the chicken with the sauce provided, and the cheese. Grated a bit of romano over all. Broiled on medium heat til the cheese was melted, browned and bubbly. The veggies I prepared as directed in the microwave, and I served them as a side. Excellent! The sauce was delicious that was provided. No changes necessary! :-) With the pasta addition, there was enough left over for hubby's lunch the next day.

Really good!

I added potatoes. I think a little side of pasta would be nice. (Didn’t have any on hand) But super tasty!