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Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken breast in a crispy Parmesan herb crumb served with marinara sauce, haricot vert & broccoli

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Mary Taylor

We liked the chicken parm a great deal. The tomato sauce was perfect and I agree with others the dish was a healthy alternative to a pasta based dish.

Carol Ann Mueller
Light & Healthy

A surprisingly healthy, light version of one of my favorite dishes. No pasta needed. I roasted the veggies instead of steaming. So much better tasting.

Charles Ciraolo

We decided to try Georgie & Tom's. What a mistake. They advertise that this expensive meal will alleviate you from cooking, They sent us raw chicken and to get cooking instructions we are suppose to scan their logo. I did locate their cooking instructions which is a complete joke. It is a complete cooking process, with a broiler and frying pan etc. etc I also noticed, which I should given
me a clue of whom I was dealing with, There is no way to contact with questions them, no telephone number. We just paid over $60 dollars for $10 dollars worth of food which we have to prepare our selves.

Lisa Piel
Low quality sauce and time consuming

This could have been a keeper except for the marinara sauce was way too spicy and low quality. I replaced it with some jarred Victoria marinara I had on hand and voila, it was fantastic. But for the amount of money these meals cost, Italian dishes should come with excellent sauce to begin with. Lastly, this was not a quick meal - rather time-consuming to be honest. If they improve the sauce substantially, I would order again but until then it's off the list.

Nicole Hinnegan
Healthy Chicken Parm

Chicken Parm gourmet style! Chicken was tender, sauce delicious! Fresh tomatoes and string beans were preferred over pasta. I'll order it again.