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Chicken Fajitas

Fajita marinated chicken strips with peppers, corn & avocado finished with our homemade salsa & cheddar all wrapped up in whole grain tortillas

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Needs a little more !

These are quite yummy but they could use a little
More like lettuce, and tomato and a healthier chicken size. The portion is okay but not great. For the price point think we can review portion size and adjust appropriately. However the meat was tasty and dish was yummy. Good for a lunch but not sure as a dinner only for two adults.

Not bad, I would change a few things.

Good dish overall but there were no onions. Just corn and some peppers. I added in some onions and more bell pepper. Also sliced up a half pablano pepper and tossed in. Served with refried beans and it turned out real good. The tortillas are a bit large also but made a Big fajita. The salsa didn't seem spicy, great yogurt is healthier than sour cream and you don't notice the difference. Chicken was tender and flavorful. Chipotle!

Donna DeSeta

I found these to be delicious and easy to make. The chicken was seasoned perfectly and the vegetables were crunchy and terrific. This is definitely a reorder for me.

Marie Martin Cockerham
Fantastic Fajitas

Love these! Easy to make. So flavorful and nutritious. Pairs well with a salad for best health practices. For extra flavor, I added onion to the chicken, peppers and corn when cooking. YUM! Restaurant quality at home. Can't beat it!


This is one of my favorites!!! It's easy to prepare, tasty and healthy, what more could I ask. I make this for myself and my husband for lunch (he works from home). It's a great way to keep him satisfied but also paying attention to what he's eating, he works better on a good lunch, LOL. This one is definitely a repeat player in my house.