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Chicken Fajitas

Fajita marinated chicken strips with avocado, corn, tomato and lime salsa all wrapped up in whole grain tortillas

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Joan S
Another delicious lower sodium meal

I am so happy I found this meal plan. Every lower sodium meal we’ve tried is better than the last. Chicken fajitas was no exception.

Good, better w/pro tips

This was good....but here's how to go next-level:

- tortillas on hot dry frying pan. Have them blister, slightly.
- make some fresh guac as a topper, or buy some (and some Late July chips on the side to sop up the goodness). OR use their yogurt - both help "cool down" the temp of the fajita spices (not a bad thing)
- roughly chop peppers (they are too big "as-is")
- cut up chicken in much smaller pieces. Think about what size you want in the fajita.

Wine pairing:
- Pinot Noir. Yeah I know a "red" with chicken (weird) but it pairs phenomenally well esp w/the great fajita spices they provide (yum). We used Willowbrook from Sonomoa, 2021. $19. Decant for 30 min in the fridge. You're welcome. Cheers.

After 12 amazing meals finally the first “ok” one….

Easy and quick ….. that’s it

Really Good!

I didn't find these to be very spicy but I only used about half of the seasoning blend on the chicken. I think they could be improved with a little flavor in the yogurt but overall, one of our favorites so far and will definitely order again!

Meichelle Feinberg
Very Good!

A little spicy for me, but my husband liked this!!! enjoyed the whole wheat tortillas.