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Chicken & chorizo

Chicken & chorizo in a smoky tomato sauce served with garlic & rosemary oven roasted homestyle potatoes, seasonal greens and aioli

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Be prepared for the spicy chorizo. Chicken very good but not impressed with the sides. Potatoes were okay but feel there could have been better sides to compliment the main dish.

Mary Ball
Spicy yet Tasty

A bit too spicy for me, but I liked the combination of roasted potatoes and other veggies. The chicken was tender but added little to the sausage except some relief from the spiciness.

Elements did not seem to go together

I think of Mexican (chorizo) as peppers & mole rather than a spaghetti sauce. Guac, sour cream and a sweet pepper based sauce may have appealed more to me.

Etta May Myers
Matter of taste

This one is good and flavorful, but just not to my taste. My husband liked it. He gives it a 5, me a 3. Just not my type of meal.

Michael Ball
Generally Good Meal

Overall this is a good meal. The portions are quite generous actually compared to some other meals I've enjoyed. Normally the proteins in a G&T meal are of the highest quality. I found the chicken to be a bit "off" this time. Not as tender - a bit chewy. It could have had some more chorizo. The potatoes are well seasoned - but have an unusual texture. A bit of a manufactured element to them. While this is a mediocre review - many of the my meals are absolutely amazing for a prepared meal service. My Shrimp and Asparagus risotto this week was stunning!! I could not have enjoyed the new recipe any more than I did this time.