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Chicken & chorizo

Chicken & chorizo in a smoky tomato sauce served with garlic & rosemary oven roasted homestyle potatoes, seasonal greens and aioli

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MIchael Ball
Generally Good Meal

Overall this is a good meal. The portions are quite generous actually compared to some other meals I've enjoyed. Normally the proteins in a G&T meal are of the highest quality. I found the chicken to be a bit "off" this time. Not as tender - a bit chewy. It could have had some more chorizo. The potatoes are well seasoned - but have an unusual texture. A bit of a manufactured element to them. While this is a mediocre review - many of the my meals are absolutely amazing for a prepared meal service. My Shrimp and Asparagus risotto this week was stunning!! I could not have enjoyed the new recipe any more than I did this time.

Loved this!

Obsessed with the aoili.... Great combo! Will definitely order again!

Shanon McWilliams

Was yummy and easy to prepare. However the stove top/ oven instructions didn’t say what to do with the extra raw, unseasoned veggies. So I seasoned them and threw them in the oven with the potatoes. Could have used more potatoes but the chicken was more than enough. Overall very good.

Kevin Montgomery
Nice, but not universally well-received.

I enjoyed this meal about as much as the overwhelming majority of G&T's menu; however, the smoked paprika(?) - or whatever may have provided 'smokiness' - was unpleasant for the one who shared this with me. In addition, I think the instructions for the potatoes may have been a bit conservative... perhaps they would be better sautéed. Basically, they lacked caramelization.

Lovely dish

Very satisfying dish with excellent flavor. Loved the potatoes as well - they came out great.