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Asian turkey meatballs

Asian turkey meatballs in a ginger & lemongrass broth with bok choy and soba noodles

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Our first miss.

The broth was terrific but those sure were
creepy meatball sponges. This is our first “miss” though, we’ve loved everything else.

Maureen Helbig Bowman
I did not like the meatball at all.

The flavor of the meatball was indescribable . I’m sorry most of our dinners are excellent. One bite and it went to the garbage. I eat almost anything.

Erin Blaisure
Good except………

The broth, flavors and noodles were very flavorful. I was really looking forward to chomping on the meatballs, until, I actually got one in my mouth. They were mushy and flavorLESS. What a bummer. I know they were made out of turkey, but, I can make a better turkey meatball than that. I realize this is a world, regional dish, however, there are ways to flavor the meatballs with garlic, onion, etc, and to bind it using bread, rice and use one egg per pound of meat. That would have made the meatball not mush. I didn’t think the dish or meatballs were sweet at all. It would have been fabulous, except for the mushy meatballs.

Bess Rattray
Good, but a slightly too sweet

This was tasty, especially with a good squeeze of lime over the top, and I love turkey meatballs. But it would be better if slightly tweaked to not have a sweet flavor. Both the meatballs and the broth would be five-star if whatever sweetness is in there were removed in lieu of more of that savory, fish-sauce-y flavor

Susan Jonas
Good but not the best

Perfectly good, especially on a cold night, but a little bland, and just not enough food to really constitute a meal. One serving-- half of what was provided--was a small bowl maybe half-filled. Two servings would have been a meal, but I can't budget $26 for a single meal. I added more lime juice, some roasted garlic powder, and a bit of clove to give it some kick. I'll pass on this in the future as there are so many other more delicious and more substantial meals to choose from.