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Shrimp curry

Shrimps in an Indian spiced tomato & pepper curry sauce served with pilau rice and our signature cilantro & coconut chutney.

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Erica Frantz
Good but dislike large spice pods

Tasty meal and I appreciate that these dishes are so much more flavorful than most at-home meals. But the full spices (coriander, I believe?) are overwhelming when you bite into them. They’re overly hard and completely take over the flavor of everything else- and there are a lot of them! I end up trying to pick out the large pieces while eating, which is frustrating.

Alan Paxton
As Good as Being in India

Remarkably good. Very distinctive flavors.

Marianne Ahern
Incredibly flavorful!

Absolutely loved this! Very flavorful and not too spicy. For the hubby and I, it was the right amount of heat. Yet again, restaurant quality meal that takes just minutes to get on the table.

Theresa Sandifer
Great Meal!

This meal was really excellent - the flavors were great (maybe could have been a bit spicier), the vegetables were really fresh and not at all mushy and the shrimps were tender. Definitely will be ordering this again!