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Peri Peri chicken

Ready to pan-fry spicy peri peri chicken, served on red pepper and sweetcorn rice. Finished with fresh salsa and coleslaw

If you have received an order prior to the 13th of November you will have received our old recipe: for more information and cooking instructions please click here.

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Jeanne Radcliffe
Take a chance

I was scared to try this based on the reviews. Yes. It is spicy! Hot. I prepared myself with a side of sour cream in case I needed it, which, I did. Did not put salsa on top but used as a dip to get a tiny bit. It was good. was a nice change and I did enjoy ! Thanks for another non-routine meal. Can’t wait til single serve versions come out!

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Not for me

I’ve loved almost everything I’ve ordered but this one is a big no in my book. Too spicy and no flavor, maybe the spice is to hide no flavor. May be appealing to others, but unfortunately not for me:

Too spicy

I was excited to try something new, bur from the chicken, to the rice, to the salsa, it was all just too spicy. I feel the slaw was nor enough to cool the heat.

Nice spice

I like the spice. I like the rice. I had to pick out the cilantro(soapy). The chive mayo was not necessary.

The slaw seemed to be only enough for one person.

Spicy as advertised

Actually it was spicy but we like spicy. My husband loved it , I liked it. I followed directions and the chicken was moist and delicious. I wasn’t a fan of the rice and would like more vegetables. Chive Mayo not necessary.
Would get again ..