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Lamb tagine

Slow cooked lamb & apricot tagine served with jewelled couscous, yogurt, toasted almonds & lemon

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John s
Ok taste, needs better directions.

Very confused with the directions.
First, the apricots are packed in the container with the lamb. Just need to stir it, which is almost impossible, given that it is full to the top.
Before I figured that out, I tried to pick out what I thought were apricots from the couscous which had stuck to everything in the ingredients pack.

Second, the container with the lamb will get too hot to touch and very flimsy, best to put it on a plate you can handle.
(Or use your own bowl, which we would do next time.)

Three, dice the herbs first. I mean you can do it while things are in microwave, but I forgot, so things were getting cold while I did that.

Four, what the heck is "greaseproof"?
Yeah, no idea. I assumed it means cover the couscous but I would not use the plastic wrap that it was packaged in.
I ended up using a different bowl.

Fifth, would be easier to just show a photo of the finished dish as a possible presentation, or intended presentation.

The flavor did not have any spicy heat and I am very sensitive to that, so it was great in that aspect.
If they offered or intended it to have heat, then I would have that as a separate item that could be added if desired. (But given the lack luster directions, could be dangerous! )

The lamb portion was on the smaller side, but ok for me and my husband, but note that we err on the side of smaller portions to begin with, so you might feel it's not enough.

Too many tasteless apricots

Small portion of lamb. Dry couscous. Never again!

Lauren B Davis

My first meal from G&T and it is DELICIOUS! I fancy myself a damn good tagine cook and this is as good as mine, but without the hours of prep. Better than mine? Shhhhhh.....🤣

Well spiced

With generous pieces of fruit and almost tender lamb

barney barnhart
Tooooo dry

Unlike other reviewers mine had enough lamb
But too many apricots. Too much couscous for amount
Of sauce.