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Chinese ginger beef

Slow cooked beef in ginger, soy and Chinese 5 spice served with Jasmine rice, scallions and bok choy

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Cheryl Carrozza
Tons of meat

I tried this dish because of reviews and wanted to see for myself how I would enjoy the meal. We received a large portion of meat, and although we microwaved as instructed, the meat was tender. The star anise was too overpowering for us and there was one large piece and one other piece that I did not detect until eating it. Glad we tried it, however, not a dish we will reorder.

Joan Smolar
Just OK

Flavors are good. Beef was just ok in terms of flavor and tenderness. I don't eat beef a lot, so it has to be tender and flavorful for me to enjoy it. The star anise does contribute to the good flavor, and the larger pieces are easy to identify, however I did come across a couple of smaller pieces that are, of course not edible. A dish I wanted to try, but will not reorder.


Great flavor and I got a decent portion of meat so I think the previous reviews have been acknowledged!
Being Chinese I would have to say this is pretty authentic, both the flavor and level of spice are on point. Keep up the good work and keep adding new menus!!!

Erica Frantz
Great flavor

Really great flavors, wish there was a bit more beef for the two portions. Also didn’t love the giant spices mixed in- the husband and I each bit into one, kind of kills your palate for a bit.

Phyllis Dennery
Absolutely delicious but where’s the beef

Fantastic Asian flavors. My only issue is that it was hard to find any meat in the dish...